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A new collaboration to increase assurance and compliance in construction


In collaboration with Discovering Safety, Safetytech Accelerator is looking for highly innovative technology-based solutions that can directly increase assurance and compliance in the construction industry.

This is the second challenge collaboration with Discovering Safety, a programme of work funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and delivered by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and their key partners. Safetytech Accelerator is tasked with running open innovation challenges and pilot innovative technology solutions to maximise the use of health and safety data and help prevent incidents in the construction sector.

In this sector, non-compliance of regulations, rules and best practices causes significant impact on safety and job performance. One specific use-case being informal practices – or shortcuts – that contravene known safety guidance. From post-incident reports we know these occur despite training, procedures and management practices designed to remove them.

This particular challenge requires technology-based solutions that can directly provide capabilities to increase the level of data-driven automation of assurance and compliance in the construction industry.

Steve Naylor, Technical lead on Discovering Safety commented on the project, “We are excited to see what innovative technologies already exist out there that could be used to solve some of these problems and ultimately improve health and safety outcomes in workplaces.”

Maurizio Pilu, Managing Director of Safetytech Accelerator remarked, “I am delighted to continue our collaboration with Discovering Safety. We believe that compliance automation technologies can provide a step-change in safety and risk management, and we look forward to applying it to this problem.”

We look forward to sharing more updates on this challenge later in the year.

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About Discovering Safety

Discovering Safety aspires to be a leader in innovative, data driven health and safety with the aim of improving operational performance through the use of data and analytical techniques. To date it has developed and is delivering a programme of work with partners based on extracting insights from HSE and other organisation’s data to feed into a range of industry endorsed proof of concept applications. For more information or to get in touch visit

About the Health and Safety Executive

HSE, through its Science Division, is one of the world’s leading providers of health and safety solutions to industry, government and professional bodies. The main focus of our work is on understanding and reducing health and safety risks. We provide health and safety consultancy, research, specialist training and products to our customers worldwide. Our long history developing health and safety solutions means that we’re well placed to understand the changing industrial, regulatory and societal landscape, and to anticipate future issues. We employ over 360 scientific, medical and technical specialists, drawing on their wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver evidence-based solutions to our clients. Our work is supported by accredited management systems.

About Safetytech Accelerator

The Safetytech Accelerator is a non-profit established by Lloyd’s Register and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation. It is the first fully dedicated technology accelerator focused on safety and risk in industrial sectors. Their mission is to make the world safer and more sustainable through wider adoption of safetytech.