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Podcast: Have we reached a tipping point in maritime digitalisation?


To coincide with Posidonia 2022, we recorded a podcast with Riviera Maritime Media, a leading content provider operating within the global maritime, offshore and energy industries. 

This is a conversation between John Snyder, Managing Editor at Riviera Maritime Media, Mark Warner, Head of Marketing at Lloyds Register, and Maurizio Pilu, Managing Director at Safetytech Accelerator, on the factors which have contributed to reaching a maritime technology tipping point.

During this conversation they covered:

  • How Covid has accelerated maritime digitalisation towards a tipping point
  • The 5 pivots of digital transformation – and how these apply to maritime
  • The importance of collaboration
  • The technologies which most often come up in safety and risk use cases
  • Some of the biggest safety and risk challenges in maritime
  • Visual analytics and the technologies making strides in safety and risk
  • Use cases – VR and AR in maritime training
  • The importance of data in safety and risk – and the players taking data analytics to the next level
  • Data standardisation

You can also find out how Safetytech Accelerator works with industry and technology companies by listening to this podcast.

You can listen to the full conversation at Riviera Maritime Media.