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Our Corporate Clients

We work with our corporate clients to identify their biggest safety and risk challenges, and we work with our partners to source the best technology companies and startups for the job.

How we work with our corporate clients


Safetytech Advisory: Learn how safetytech can address your safety and risk challenges

Technology search and innovation days: Gain deep understanding of ‘the art of the possible’ and develop tech partnerships

Solve a specific safety and risk challenge: End-to-end collaboration resulting in a technology pilot eligible for our PoC Fund

Innovation partnership: Longer term, multi-challenge collaboration

A typical engagement


  • Discovery workshop
  • Priority challenges
  • Technology gaps
  • Challenge and technology brief


  • Source tech companies
  • Tech company pitches
  • Selection and due diligence


  • Pilot with tech company
  • Utilise proof of concept fund
  • Business case for deployment


  • Learnings
  • Change
  • Deploy
  • Promotion

Why work with us?

Risk Focus

The first and only accelerator focused on safety and risk in critical infrastructure and supply chains.

Industry Specific

Designed with industry, by industry, for industry.


Our mission is widespread adoption of safetytech.


Focus on specific real-world client challenges.

Deep expertise

Highly dedicated, specialist expertise, proven track record.