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Enhancing accessibility to health and safety regulatory information through digital technology.

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This webinar introduced the Smarter Regulatory Sandbox, an initiative run by Discovering Safety and Safetytech Accelerator. This event offered a strategic overview from both government and industry representatives on the potential of digital innovation to enhance safety and compliance in the construction sector.  Emphasising a forward-thinking approach to smarter regulation, this programme aims to reduce the regulatory burden on the industry while promoting technological progress. 

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Safetytech Accelerator and Discovering Safety (a programme of work led by Great Britain’s Health and Safety Executive, HSE) have launched a new industry leading Sandbox: Smarter Regulation Sandbox.  

Building on the success of the previous World’s first Industrial Safetytech Regulatory Sandbox we will be bringing industry, tech innovators and regulators together to explore how access to digital and machine-readable regulations can lead to accelerating compliance, improving efficiency and productivity, and reduce regulatory burdens on industry, whilst supporting innovators to bring emerging digital products to market. 

The Sandbox Approach to Problem Solving

Last year in the UK 69,000 Construction workers suffered from work-related ill health, and 45 lost their lives (HSE 22/23 statistics). The construction industry’s performance has shown a steady long-term improvement, but there is no room for complacency. 

There is potential to improve workplace safety by harnessing the full potential of digitalisation of regulations to reduce the burden of regulation and therefore accelerate compliance. While regulation is currently available online, not all is ‘machine readable’, while regulatory data is only available ad-hoc. This programme will explore use-cases for how full digitalisation of these digital assets can be used by industry. 

The Sandbox is a safe space for regulators, construction companies and tech providers to explore how the digitalisation of regulations and data can unlock new products, services, and efficiencies in the sector. 

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What Do You Think the New Sandbox Should Focus On?

We will be leveraging regulation data, and the Open Regulation Platform (ORP)  to provide tech providers the opportunity to utilise them in commercial contexts. We want tech companies to embed the data within their own products and demonstrate how technology such as AI, analytics or new techniques can leverage the datasets in novel and impactful ways. 

There is an opportunity to get involved to help shape this new project. An entrant to the sandbox could either be a tech company, looking to leverage the data to develop new or existing functionality, a construction company looking to use to data to optimise compliance, or a combination of both. 

By joining the sandbox, you will:  

  • Be the first to utilise the health and safety data assets for your own benefit 
  • Influence the digitalisation strategy for health and safety data assets around what you need 
  • Gain access to HSE and Construction industry expertise and support 
  • Enhance or design digital products and services using health and safety data assets 

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this cutting-edge exploration into the intersection of industry, regulation, and technology—join the conversation, gain insights, and explore opportunities for innovation in safety compliance!   

Ian Askew, Technical Director at Balfour Beatty Major Projects describes the benefits of getting involved in the previous sandbox: 

“This (Industrial Safetytech Regulatory Sandbox) is an opportunity for organisations to come together in a safe environment where we can look at shared challenges. Collaboratively working towards a step-change in industry health and safety performance by challenging traditional approaches and harnessing new technologies to influence behaviours”


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