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Waypoint Stars

Designed for maritime corporations seeking fast access to the latest start-ups in AI and emerging technologies

  • Investing effectively in the next generation of emerging technologies is time consuming, resource intensive and fraught with uncertainty around which suppliers are right for your business
  • Waypoint Stars brings you a curated cohort of vetted, leading edge technology start-ups that respond to the challenges YOU put into the programme
  • Twice a year, you set the priorities for the programme and receive pre-vetted companies that offer performance, cost and scalability in maritime
  • We will bring the best rising stars from both inside maritime and from across other industries leveraging the top global talent pool

Innovation Lifecycle for Maritime Technology

Specification development

Detailed use cases around theme areas developed by members.

Tech sourcing

Scouting the best solutions from a global marketplace.

Qualification of vendors

Evaluation, due diligence and deep dives on selected technology vendors.


Members have the option of further support around piloting of solution.

Theme Identification

Programme priority areas chosen based on industry feedback.

FOUR ways we remove risk from tech investment:

We need to reduce the risk and uncertainty associated with investing in emerging technologies if we are going to maximise the opportunities they offer.

Identify Key Issues – Making sure we focus on issues that are not only significant in terms of potential ROI, but are able to be addressed by technology.

Translate for Market- Defining the problem in a way that is understood from the global tech ecosystem and matched by metrics that allow us to measure impact.

Source Top Vendors- Making sure we tap into the leading-edge approaches and providers in the world and if necessary, bringing into maritime from other industries.

Piloting and Scale-up- Planning and delivering experiments and pilots that validate the technology against our metrics and ensuring we only make further investment.

Benefits of Becoming a Member

  • Resource efficient: gain time and save your precious resources by making a business case for tech trials
  • Boost your team’s capacity: we identify and evaluate tech companies
  • High impact: access to a pipeline of top of the class pre-vetted tech companies
  • Curated programme: leverage our maritime and tech expertise to support your innovation journey through personalised deep dives and scope out tech trials in your environment
  • Networking and priority setting with peers 
  • Raise your innovation profile via the Tech Showcase and marketing opportunities


Our Maritime Clients Include:

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