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Each year an estimated 2.8 million people die from accidents in the workplace or from work-related illnesses and a significantly higher number are injured. The subsequent fall-out can be very damaging. Reputations can be ruined overnight, share prices crash and consumer confidence tumbles.

So in this edition of the Global Safety Podcast, Tom Heap explores the world of Safetytech: technology being applied to safety solutions. It’s a sector with huge opportunities for growth. It’s estimated that the potential market in developing and creating new ‘safetytech’ is worth somewhere in the region of $863 billion by 2023!

This edition of The Global Safety Podcast features insights from:

  • Jan Pryzdatek, Director of Technologies, Lloyd’s Register Foundation
  • Kyle DuPont, CEO, Ohalo
  • Stuart Feffer, Co-founder and CEO of Reality AI

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