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Safetytech Accelerator announces a collaboration to improve seafarer mental health using technology


The wellbeing of shipping crews is a key focus for many ship owners and operators, and this is even more the case now that the Covid pandemic has put an exceptional strain on the mental health of seafarers.

To this end, Safetytech Accelerator is very pleased to announce a collaboration which will explore technology for the collection and analysis of seafarer mental health data. This project will culminate in a selection of a solution and a pilot project. The collaboration will be with HiLo Maritime Risk Management and other leaders in shipping and maritime risk.

HiLo Maritime Risk Management is a maritime technology company with unprecedented access to the full internal safety data of shipping companies. HiLo customers share their information freely to allow HiLo to perform predictive analytics to identify crucial risk areas and improve the safety of mariners. Using the power of data, HiLo helps shipping companies prevent maritime incidents.

Safetytech Accelerator’s aim to solve challenges in industrial safety and risk using digital technology are a natural fit with HiLo’s priorities. This collaboration will explore the possibilities that come from adding seafarer mental health to shipping companies’ datasets.

Steve Price, Head of Partnerships and Safetytech Accelerator had this to say about the collaboration, “Safetytech Accelerator’s experience of using open innovation along with HiLo’s ability to deliver at scale will ensure real impact on the shipping industry.”

Manit Chander, CEO of HiLo commented, “HiLo is changing the way the maritime industry approaches data. Our in-depth analysis helps us see risks missed elsewhere, which means we are ideally placed to help shipping companies combat this critical mental health challenge.”

Watch this space to get updates and results from the collaboration.

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About HiLo

HiLo was founded in 2016 by Shell Shipping and Maritime, Maersk Tankers A/S and Lloyd’s Register Consulting to answer the question ‘is there anything we can do to predict and prevent shipping accidents?’ These high impact, low frequency events are notoriously difficult to predict and are responsible for the deaths of thousands of seafarers. HiLo revolutionised risk analysis, using never before exploited data and a first-of-its-kind maritime statistical model to empower shipping companies to save the lives of their seafarers. HiLo was incorporated as a company in 2018.

HiLo Maritime Risk Management is saving lives in the shipping industry by changing the way companies understand and address risk. HiLo translates safety information from every data set from its customers into comprehensive risk profiles for each company and the whole HiLo fleet. Armed with this analysis, companies can stop catastrophes in their tracks. All reports are anonymised, meaning each customer gets the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences without putting their commercially sensitive information at risk.

About Safetytech Accelerator

The Safetytech Accelerator is a non-profit established by Lloyd’s Register and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation. It is the first fully dedicated technology accelerator focused on safety and risk in industrial sectors. Their mission is to make the world safer and more sustainable through wider adoption of safetytech.