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The Challenge

From a safety perspective, inspecting ventilation systems and associated ductwork effectively is important, in order to assess condition and compliance. Site inspections are critically important to assess and confirm current condition and to ensure that any safety risks identified are effectively and timely mitigated, if required. Currently, ventilation ducting is inspected visually via techniques such as ultrasonic thickness detection, which comes at significant cost and is time consuming, with the potential for human error. A digital solution could transform ventilation duct inspection and ensure the safety of workers and the site.

This challenge, set in conjunction with Sellafield Ltd. and National Nuclear Laboratory, seeks innovative digital solutions to complete remote inspections and to identify anomalies in industrial environments, specifically in ventilation ducts, to infer defects, cracks, corrosion and thinning of duct walls. The technologies required for this challenge should be scalable across a broad civil infrastructure industry base, where ducting is critical.

Finalists and winners to be announced.