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Pre-fire Temperature Change Detection Onboard Ships.


The Challenge

Fire remains one of the biggest risks to safety and assets on board a cargo ship. Despite fire safety and detection best practice on board, increases in thermal levels of cargo vehicles remains a challenge to detect. Wallenius Wilhelmsen (WW) are one of the world’s largest global vehicle carrier operators. They sought innovative solutions which could deliver real-time, early detection of such thermal level increases of transported vehicles. These temperature increases can potentially result in a fire, so early detection can be key to saving lives. WW looked for sensor-led solutions to detect these small increases in thermal levels in very large and specific locations onboard, in real-time.

The Finalist

CartaSenseCratus, MonoLetsOneEvent Tech

The Winner

Wallenius Wilhelmsen (WW) chose MonoLets‘ wireless mesh network solution as the winner of this challenge. The solution provides a real-time data stream with low cost dispoable wireless sensors that are standard compabitble (BLE/15.4), improving the coverage, reliability and robustness of the wireless network, which is a prime concern for safety-critical applications. The wireless modules have a built-in temperature sensor and other sensors (eg; MEMS based sensor) can be attached as appropriate.

Case Study

Check out the case study and find out how WW and MonoLets worked together to tackle this challenge.

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