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Workshop – Network for Regulatory Innovation: Consultation with the ecosystem

Date: July 11th at 9.30 – 11 am


Over the past two years, Discovering Safety (a programme led by the Health and Safety Executive) and Safetytech Accelerator have delivered several programmes aimed at fostering innovation within safety in construction. This includes the world’s first Industrial Safetytech Regulatory Sandbox and the ongoing Smarter Regulation Sandbox.  While differing in nature, all these programmes have been designed to break down the barriers to entry, be they regulatory or otherwise, for emerging technology in construction and foster collaboration within the industry that leads to faster and wide uptake of impactful solutions that can enhance safety, wellbeing and the wider productivity aims of the industry. These individual projects have not only organically fostered a community of innovators that includes both industry and tech but shown the power of collaboration in and of itself.  

Building on the interactions developed in these projects, this workshop aims at consulting the ecosystem to co-create and formalise a network of stakeholders with a focus on fostering further collaboration between industry players, technology companies and the regulator.  Sandboxes and technology accelerators run by the HSE would exist within this network, with the network representing the base level of interaction and engagement between the parties involved. 


The aim of the network would be to accelerate technology into industrial environments through closer alignment of needs and provision and to remove regulation as a barrier to innovation for both industry and technology alike.  

Discovering Safety and Safetytech Accelerator are now seeking views from industry, academia and technology providers to define the structure and individual requirements from such a network. This meeting will feedback the main insights and ideas collected in this exercise. You will have an opportunity to share your thoughts on the proposed network design. 

High level agenda: 

  • Welcome and introduction 
  • Objectives of the meeting 
  • Key insights from the workshops and survey 
  • Conversation with the audience and consensus building 
  • Conclusions and next steps 



Construction companies, heavy civils industries, asset owners, academics, technology companies in safetytech 

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