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Cargo Fire Initiative to test cutting-edge fibre optic sensing technology for early fire detection in cargo holds.


Safetytech Accelerator led initiative to evaluate fibre optic sensing technology for use onboard. 

London – February 13th, 2024Safetytech Accelerator, in collaboration with Seaspan Corporation and other Anchor Partners will evaluate a fibre optic sensing technology aimed at early-stage fire detection in cargo holds of containerships. 

Linear Heat Detection (LHD) through fibre-optics is an established sensing technology widely used in other industrial settings. To explore the potential applications for maritime heat and fire-detection the Cargo Fire & Loss Innovation Initiative (CFLII), led by Safetytech Accelerator and participating Anchor Partners, is now putting this technology to the test. 

AP Sensing’s Innovative Technology 

AP Sensing combines fibre optic LHD systems with advanced analytics to detect and locate fires early even in such challenging environment. Changes in the properties of light passing through the cable – caused by temperature variations, are detected, and analysed to determine the temperature profile along the  Æ 4mm sensing cable.  This allows for real time, continuous temperature monitoring along the several km sensing cables, which is deployed throughout the vessel structure.   

The evaluation 

So far, CFLII has identified and evaluated innovative cargo monitoring technologies, with a specific emphasis on early fire detection. Out of over 200 companies assessed, Safetytech Accelerator has chosen 13, and now AP Sensing has been invited for further evaluation through the Initiative. This involves conducting feasibility studies and pilot programmes in collaboration with CFLII Anchor Partners to explore technology’s capabilities and performance. 

It is an honour for AP Sensing to participate in this important program to accelerate fire detection on container ships. As the market and technology leader for special hazard applications such as tunnels, solar panels, cable trays, conveyor belts and fire protection on car and bulk carriers, we are keen to bring our expertise to the cargo ship application. We recognize the importance of ship safety and the huge impact on crew and valuable assets in the event of a fire outbreak and look forward to working closely with Safetytech Accelerator,” said Clemens Pohl, CEO of AP Sensing. 

CFLII adopts an agile and collaborative approach to evaluate new technologies, with Anchor Partners and technology companies working together to understand the impact of solutions. 

Seb Corby, Principal Consultant at Safetytech Accelerator, said: ‘Safetytech Accelerator is committed to advancing maritime safety by leveraging technological innovation. Our collaboration with AP Sensing within the CFLII is a significant initiative aimed at improving fire detection in cargo holds. This project underscores our continuous dedication to creating and applying pragmatic, technology-driven solutions to foster safer, more efficient, and sustainable maritime operations.’

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Notes to editors 


About AP Sensing 

AP Sensing is a German technology provider offering distributed optical sensing technology (DTS, distributed temperature sensing, DAS, distributed acoustic sensing, DVS, distributed vibration sensing) for a wide range of applications. Based on our Hewlett Packard (HP)/Agilent heritage, with over 35 years of optical measurement expertise, we stand for top quality and well-designed solutions.  We understand the needs of fire detection in special hazard areas such as tunnels, conveyor belts, metros, factories, carparks and airports, as well as the needs in high voltage power cable monitoring for buried cables, subsea cables and interconnects. Our solutions in the downstream sector are used for leak detection, TPI (Third Party Interference), flow assurance and heat tracing. In the upstream oil and gas industry we offer fiber optic well performance monitoring equipment. 

About Seaspan Corporation 

Seaspan Corporation is the largest global containership lessor, primarily focused on long-term, fixed-rate leases with the world’s largest container shipping liners. As of September 30, 2023, Seaspan’s operating fleet consisted of 142 vessels with a total capacity of 1,410,800 TEU, and an additional 47 vessels under construction, delivering through to December 2024, increasing total fleet capacity to 1,927,800 TEU, on a fully delivered basis. For more information, visit  

About Safetytech Accelerator 

Safetytech Accelerator, established by Lloyd’s Register, is the first fully dedicated technology accelerator focused on advancing innovation in safety critical industries. Our mission is  to make the world safer, more resilient, and more sustainable through the wider adoption of technology. 

CFLII Full list of members.  

COSCO Shipping Lines, Evergreen, HMM, Lloyds Register, Maersk, Ocean Network Express, Offen Group, Seaspan, TT-Club and UKP&I 

Read more about the initiative here.

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