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Unlocking Innovation in Construction Safety: Join the Smarter Regulation Sandbox


London – February 26th, 2024 – In an exciting development for the tech and construction industries, Safetytech Accelerator, in collaboration with Discovering Safety (a programme of work led by Great Britain’s Health and Safety Executive, HSE), announces the opening of registrations for the Smarter Regulation Sandbox (SRS) project. This initiative promises to harness the power of digital technology to revolutionise safety and efficiency in the construction sector. 

Bridging the Gap Between Regulation and Technology 

The Smarter Regulation Sandbox is a ground breaking programme that aims to make health and safety regulatory information more accessible and actionable for organisations. By leveraging regulations and data, tech companies and construction firms can develop innovative solutions that accelerate compliance, enhance efficiency, and ultimately foster a safer working environment. 

A Call to Innovators and Problem-Solvers 

We are actively seeking participation from: 

  • Tech companies: Whether you are a start up or an established enterprise provider, if you have ideas on how to incorporate regulations and health and safety data into new or existing products, this sandbox is for you. 
  • Construction companies: If you face challenges that could be mitigated through the digitalisation of data assets—be it optimising compliance or boosting your organisation’s efficiency—this programme offers a unique opportunity to find solutions. 

Collaborate, Innovate, and Transform 

The Smarter Regulation Sandbox is more than just a programme; it’s a collaborative ecosystem where tech innovators and construction professionals come together to test and develop ideas that address real-world problems. Participants will have the chance to be matched up within the sandbox, fostering partnerships that could lead to breakthroughs in the industry.  

Learn More at Our Briefing Webinar 

Dive deeper into what the Smarter Regulation Sandbox entails and how you can be part of this transformative journey by joining our webinar on March 14, 2024, from 14:00 – 15:00. 

Webinar Highlights: 

  • Overview of the Smarter Regulation Sandbox’s goals and achievements. 
  • Insights into how digital technology can advance safety and efficiency. 
  • Interactive Q&A with HSE experts, industry leaders and innovators. 

Date: March 14, 2024 

Time: 14:00 – 15:00 

Location: Go-to-Webinar 

Your ideas and challenges could lead to the next big innovation in construction safety. Don’t miss the chance to be at the forefront of this exciting venture. 

To secure your spot at the webinar, register here.

 Let’s innovate for a safer and more efficient future together. 


About Safetytech Accelerator

Safetytech Accelerator, established by Lloyd’s Register, is the first fully dedicated technology accelerator focused on advancing innovation in safety critical industries, with a mission to make the world safer, more resilient, and more sustainable through the wider adoption of technology.


About Discovering Safety

Discovering Safety is a groundbreaking project being delivered by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and partners including Safetytech Accelerator. Funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation, it aims to improve health, safety and operational performance through the use of innovative data and analytical techniques. It has developed and is delivering a programme of work which includes industry-endorsed, proof-of-concept applications, based on insights from HSE and other data partners.


About The Health and Safety Executive

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is Britain’s national regulator for workplace health and safety. We are dedicated to protecting people and places, and helping everyone lead safer and healthier lives. Our role goes beyond worker protection to include public assurance. We work to ensure people feel safe where they live, where they work and, in their environment.



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