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Press Release: Safetytech Accelerator and Kafoodle collaborate to make school mealtimes safer.


Safetytech Accelerator have selected Kafoodle as a partner on a programme to make school mealtimes safer. Kafoodle is an award-winning software that has been working with a variety of food businesses since 2014.

Children have the highest rates of food-related allergic reactions, which means the school setting poses a high-risk environment for allergen exposure. While 85% of children outgrow allergies including cow’s milk and eggs by five years of age, allergies to peanuts and seafood continue into adulthood. This is the area Kafoodle is looking to influence with this project.

Important changes to food legislation 

From 1st October 2021 ‘Natasha’s Law’ will come into effect, requiring all prepacked for direct sale food to be labelled with a full list of ingredients, with the 14 allergens required to be declared by food law emphasised on the ingredients list if present.

The new labelling laws will give food allergy sufferers confidence and peace of mind that the food they are eating is safe for them. Kafoodle is helping to take this further by providing compliant labels from the recipe and management software, as well as introducing full ingredients on their digital menus – meaning that remote ordering will be just as safe as physically checking the pack.

The programme aims to pilot a scheme to look at how they can meet two core challenges around tracking and communicating food allergens in a high-risk environment such as a school:

  • Make it safer for chefs to buy from a local source, capturing allergen data from purchased ingredients, which often don’t come with product specification sheets, eg. primary ingredients, loose fresh produce and artisan products.
  • Communicate accurate and relevant allergen information to consumers in a user-friendly way, where menus change regularly (Daily, Weekly)

Tarryn Gorre, Co-founder and CEO of Kafoodle had this to say about the announcement: “Kafoodle is excited to be working in partnership with the Safetytech Accelerator towards safer food in schools. It is a huge credit to our software and team that Kafoodle were chosen to be part of project. We look forward to presenting the finished product later this year.” 

The trial will take place with Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust (BWCET) with the aim to better track all ingredients by looking at how to work seamlessly with their food suppliers and communicate the correct food information to not only parents but also students in schools.



About Kafoodle 

Kafoodle is an award-winning software that has been working with a variety of food businesses since 2014. In that time our core focus has been the simplifying of kitchen processes and helping food businesses remain compliant with an end-to-end system, from supplier to service, that enables complete business transparency whether of cost, nutrition, allergens or an oversight of ordering. Kafoodle’s aim as a company is to create healthier and safer food for all by simplifying complex food data.  

About Safetytech Accelerator

The Safetytech Accelerator is a non-profit established by Lloyd’s Register and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation. It is the first fully dedicated technology accelerator focused on safety and risk in industrial sectors. Their mission is to make the world safer and more sustainable through wider adoption of safetytech.