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Video Interview: The Role of AI and E-Nose Technology in Mitigating Risk in Industrial Settings



In this episode of Insights, Seb Corby, Principal Consultant at Safetytech Accelerator engages with Viktor Bezugly, CEO at SmartNanotubes and Ortwin Muehr, Head of Nautical Department at Offen Group to explore the potential of AI and nanotechnology in advancing risk reduction and early fire detection within the maritime industry. The discussion introduces the innovative concept of an electronic nose, which utilizes nanomaterials to detect gas molecules more precisely and efficiently than traditional methods.

The conversation delves into how this technology could revolutionize maritime safety by detecting early warning signs of potential hazards, such as fuel spills or overheating batteries before they develop into more severe emergencies. The episode also addresses the challenges of implementing such advanced technologies in a traditionally conservative industry and considers the future steps necessary for broader integration into safety protocols.

Tune in to gain insight on how cutting-edge technologies are poised to enhance proactive risk management and safety standards not only in maritime operations but also across various industrial sectors.


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