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Accelerating Innovation in Safety-Critical Industries

We empower corporations, tech companies, institutions, regulatory bodies, and government agencies to harness cutting-edge technologies enabling them to innovate more quickly, simply and cost-effectively.

Safetytech Accelerator

Helping you navigate the complex demands of safety-critical industries.

We are focused on the unique challenges faced by heavy industries. Choosing when and where to invest in emerging technologies is not easy, especially within heavy industries. Working with a partner who knows your industry and understands the nuances of technologies in operational environment can be the most effective way to achieve results.

Our Mission

We exist to make the world safer, more resilient, and sustainable through the wider adoption of tech in safety-critical industries.

Our Services

Strategic Innovation Advisory, Solution Scouting and Piloting, Innovation Labs and Industry-wide Initiatives.

Our Expertise

Enhancing Safety, Managing Operational Risk, Boosting Performance, Advancing Sustainability.

Our Technology Ecosystem

Data Analytics, Artificial
Intelligence, Visual Analytics, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Sensors, Wearables, Drones, Robotics.

Safetytech Accelerator in a Snapshot

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Simplify, Accelerate, Transform

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Award-Winning Tech Accelerator

Tech Accelerator of the Year

Why Work With Us?

Innovation Acceleration

Strategic innovation advisory
Solution scouting
Innovation labs
Industry-wide initiatives

A proven pathway to impactful innovation

– 600+ tech companies in our ecosystem
– 50+ tech pilots and feasibility studies
– 45 innovation challenges launched

Leverage the power of collaboration

Benefit from collective innovation and exposure to a diverse network including corporates, tech companies, institutions regulatory bodies and government agencies
Unlock new opportunities through collaboration

Industry Experience

– 100%
focused on safety-critical industries
Rooted in Lloyd’s Register’s 250 years of experience
Worked with 60 industrial organisations employing 3M people and generating $2T in annual revenue

Solutions for Success

We are here to help you solve problems with innovative digital solutions, turning challenges into achievements


We help identify and shape the most impactful innovations. 80% of our engagements with clients result in successful field deployments.

Time to Results

Leveraging our experience and methodologies, we deliver results twice as fast as typical project timelines

Cost-effective Success

Our collaborative initiatives, programmes and labs can be up to 10 times more cost efficient than going it alone.

Our Global Reach


Industrial partners


Innovation challenges


Technology pilots


Innovation platforms

Report: Accelerating Innovation in Safety-Critical Industries

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