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Determining master’s and crew’s psychological and emotional health.


The Challenge

Marine jobs are some of the most stressful in the world and the psychological and emotional factors not only affect the safety and health of the concerned seafarer, but also the immediate safety of others onboard, safety of the vessels and the marine environment. Currently there is a lack of feasible means to determine the psychological and emotional status of a seafarer before he or she is assigned to an important task or scheduled watches, which would likely lead to injury, death or damage to property or environment if the seafarer is not psychologically sound.

The challenge set in partnership with Pacific International Lines (PIL), sought innovative methods to assess the psychological and emotional wellbeing of individual crew members in real-time, whilst they are onboard and before they are about to go on duty, whilst protecting user privacy.

The Finalists

Emotion Research LabAvelingSenseyeStroma Vision

The Winner

PIL chose Senseye’s cognitive computing solution as the winner of this challenge. The solution builds a direct link between humans and computers with high-resolution video footage of the eye to quantifiy previously inaccessible cognitive insights.

Case Study

Check out the case study and find out how PIL and Senseye worked together to tackle this challenge.