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Webinar replay: Where can innovation make the biggest difference in maritime risk?


Access a recording of an expert discussion on the next wave of innovation in maritime risk, and to hear about our new safetytech acceleration programme.  

In this webinar we were joined by senior experts and practitioners in maritime, who will shared their views of the biggest gaps in managing maritime risk, and specifically where cutting edge innovation could have the most impact. We’re also discussing opportunities for digital entrepreneurs to make a difference in this market, and find out where digital innovation can make the biggest impact now.

We took the opportunity to launch our new acceleration programme, Waypoint 3: Maritime Risk, which works with and supports the tech companies building the next generation of maritime risk solutions. View the video below to find out how you can apply to, benefit from, or help shape Waypoint 3 – as a start-up or corporate partner.

This webinar comprises:

  • Industry experts from different maritime and tech backgrounds speaking on the future of managing maritime risk, and the opportunity for technology to make a difference.
  • A panel discussion moderated by Maurizio Pilu, Managing Director of Safetytech Accelerator, where our speakers discuss their view of the most pressing risk challenges, blockers to change, and the opportunities for innovation to tackle them.
  • A session by Bosiljka Kozomara, Chief Commercial Office at Scoutbase – a current Waypoint accelerator programme participant – on their experience with the programme and the reality of entrepreneurship in maritime.
  • A session by Dan Poots, Innovation Associate at Safetytech Accelerator, outlining the Waypoint 3: Maritime Risk programme, and how you can join the programme as a start-up or corporate partner.

Panellist and Speaker Biographies

Peregrine Storrs-Fox, Risk Management Director, TT Club

Peregrine has been with the TT Club since 1984, initially handling claims and providing advice, eventually culminating in directing claims operations worldwide for TT. Since 2002, Peregrine has led the TT’s loss prevention services. This has included the development of the CTU Code and the passage of the container loss debate at IMO leading to the revision to SOLAS requiring verified gross mass. Peregrine has led TT’s sustained campaigns dedicated to issues such as: inaccurate gross mass information; poor packing of cargo transport units; and misdeclaration of Dangerous Goods. He currently leads TT’s participation in the Cargo Integrity Group, urging all actors to commit to improving safety and security standards in all aspects of cargo packing.

Roopesh Das, Senior Vice President, Digital Acccelerator, Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Roopesh Das is SVP of Digital Accelerator at Wallenius Wilhelmsen and responsible for launching innovative digital products globally for its shipping & logistics services. Roopesh has formed & led technology teams in North America and has held a leadership role in the Asia-Pacific region. Keeping a close eye on trends, he specialises in setting strategies and goals for the future, with ambitious plans to meet those goals. He possesses an entrepreneur’s zeal and closely collaborates with executive partners, customers, and organisation stakeholders. Through his career spanning more than 20 years, Roopesh has led various digital transformations and launched technology products and solutions across logistics, manufacturing, finance, and telecom.

Richard Holdsworth, Director Innovation & Sustainability, ex Maritime Ventures Lead at Shell

Richard is an experienced marketeer, innovator and product strategist. At Shell he led the creation of a number of innovative digital offers as well as pioneering a new approach to working with start-ups to drive innovation through an open ecosystem approach. Richard is passionate about sustainability and the need to accelerate collaborative innovation in order to tackle some of maritime’s most pressing issues from decarbonisation and waste management to crew welfare and gender diversity.

Bosiljka Kozomara, Chief Commercial Officer, Scoutbase

Bosiljka joined Scoutbase as a Chief Commercial Officer in March 2021, responsible for all sales and marketing activities. Prior to Scoutbase, Bosiljka held various commercial roles in Shell, including maritime sales & marketing, and digital innovation.

Ran Merkazy, Vice President Product and Services Innovation, Lloyd’s Register

Ran Merkazy, VP Product & Service Innovation at Lloyd’s Register, is an award winning innovation leader, product strategy expert & entrepreneur with 15 years of experience across multiple sectors and categories. Ran has brought many products to market through his. Today he is in charge of creating new opportunities, products and services, with an emphasis on data, digital & IoT for the industrial, energy and transport sectors. Prior to joining LR, Ran spent 5 years as Innovation lead at Samsung’s Product Innovation Team in Europe, and 3 years at Dyson, plus other global brands. Alongside this work, Ran also started his own initiative which brought to market an innovative product, successfully funded it through a kickstarter campaign raising close to $100K, which sold 20K units globally before closing.

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