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Scoutbase achieves positive results following Waypoint engagement


Safetytech Accelerator, established by Lloyd’s Register, is passionate about the role of innovation in improving safety and minimising risk in maritime. In this engagement, Safetytech Accelerator worked with Scoutbase to take their business forward in the area of crew-wellbeing.

Waypoint is Safetytech Accelerator’s programme which accelerates cutting edge technology companies into the maritime market.

In October 2021 Safetytech Accelerator presented a technology showcase webinar to launch Waypoint 2 – an acceleration programme which would focus specifically on crew wellbeing.

After a rigorous selection process, reviewing several dozen contenders from around the world, they showcased six of the most innovative innovative tech solutions which could be applied to mental wellbeing in maritime. They were Bluesky.AI, Care4C, Litha, Scoutbase, Sensing Feeling and Senseye.

Of these, Scoutbase was selected to enter the Waypoint programme. Scoutbase is a Denmark-based tech company which combines safety science, design thinking and IT, to deliver a new generation of safety tools for the maritime and offshore industries.

The panel selected Scoutbase because it addressed a fundamental issue with crew wellbeing – the ability to learn objectively and frequently the wellbeing of the crew, which allows for more precise and timely intervention.

Through the 3-month programme the collaboration drew from the expertise of maritime, technology innovation, human factors and commercialisation specialists. During this time Scoutbase was able to refine their value proposition (for instance by including a human factors consultancy element) and market segmentation. Finally they completed a market access sprint which generated several dozen leads, client introductions and a ten client pitches.

Since graduating from Waypoint, Scoutbase has made significant progress. They raised a round of funding, reshaped their commercial strategy, and won a major deal through a proposition inspired by Waypoint. They were also invited to present at the prestigious Global Maritime Forum.

Mads Ragnvald Nielsen, CEO and Co-Founder at Scoutbase had this to say, “Our engagement with Waypoint helped us access the industry-specific expertise which was most meaningful to our customers. On the back of this work we believe we have a better solution for our clients, and the exposure has also increased our credibility to the point that we have been able to secure a new round of investment which will set us up for the future.”

He concluded, “We are excited about how our technology can benefit crew, impact seafarers in a positive way, and give frontline personnel a voice.”

Crew-wellbeing remains a high priority for the maritime industry, and it is encouraging that the role technology could play in this area is being more widely understood. Safetytech Accelerator has worked on several collaborations in this area, with Scoutbase being one of their examples of success.

While Scoutbase has now graduated from Waypoint, the collaboration continues.

Dr Maurizio Pilu said “I’m delighted with the way Scoutbase successfully utilised Waypoint to move their business forward. We look forward to continuing working with Scoutbase on opportunities to deliver impact for crew wellbeing.”

Dr Pilu added, “We look forward collaborating with the next batch of startups entering our latest Waypoint focused on Maritime Risk.”

Watch this space for details of progress on the latest Waypoint programme.


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About Scoutbase

Scoutbase brings together years of experience in understanding and solving problems at sea and on shore. Our interdisciplinary team combines safety science, design thinking and technology in order to help improve work and life at sea.

About Safetytech Accelerator

Safetytech Accelerator is a non-profit established by Lloyd’s Register and Lloyd’s Register Foundation. It is the first fully dedicated technology accelerator focused on safety and risk in industrial sectors. Their mission is to make the world safer and more sustainable through wider adoption of safetytech.